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Carbocoa S.L.

Wood charcoal production and import

Carbocoa SL was born in 1990 as a wood charcoal importer and producer. Today it is one of the leading marketers of this product in Spain, Italy and Portugal and it is present in the markets of France, England and Greece.

Carbocoa SL has a young and dynamic team committed to meeting the needs of its customers and to providing a high-quality service and products, as well as to seeking new market opportunities to expand its products portfolio.

High-quality wood charcoal

Carbocoa SL fractionates and distributes high-quality wood charcoal mainly from Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay Cuba and Africa both for domestic and professional use. It currently provides to supermarkets and hypermarkets, as well as medium and small distributors.

Charcoal is produced from hardwoods including White Quebracho, Mistol, Intin, Guayacan and Marabu, with a fixed carbon level of 67-78% and a moisture one of 5-7%.

These are other products found in our extensive catalogue:


  • Length: 230 cm and above / log
  • Width: 30 cm - 40 cm / log
  • Thickness: 30 cm - 40 cm / log
  • Quantity: 130 - 140 logs / container
  • Clean cut without straps and holes.

Blocks of kosso wood, stuffed in bulk, 17.5 TM weight (approximately) the 40'HC container.




The amount of CO2 released when burning pellets corresponds exactly to the amount of CO2 produced during the composting timber. This means that the combustion of pellets involves a neutral balance of CO2. Thus, the sensitive equilibrium cycle of CO2 in the atmosphere is not altered.

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Made from chipboard, briquettes produce neither smoke nor sparks. It is a 100% ecological, used as fuel to generate heat in barbecues, furnaces and boilers. Available in 9 kg boxes and in 3 and 5 kg bags.

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