Packaging: 9 kg boxes, bags of 3 and 5 Kgs. We are wholesalers.

We have briquettes that comply with the European standard EN 1860 as well as other varieties of briquettes in the same packaging.

Made from chipboard, briquettes do not produce neither smoke nor sparks. It is a 100% ecological, used as fuel to generate heat in barbecues, furnaces and boilers. Tube shaped, moisture does not exceed 5%, ash content does not exceed 16% and the minimum of fixed carbon content is 60%.

Product advantages

  • Higher calorific value than wood
  • Easy and quick start
  • Low humidity
  • High density
  • It takes up less space
  • Clean
  • Homogeneous
  • Easy handling
  • No sparks
  • Lower percentage of ash
  • Menor porcentaje de cenizas
  • 100% ecological and natural

Environmental advantages

  • Clean energy, no polluting
  • Renewable source
  • Made from forest waste, it contributes to a clean environment
  • 100% recycled
  • Natural, non-toxic
  • No preservatives, chemicals or additives
  • Produces little smoke
  • No odours
  • Less ash
  • Neutral CO2, which avoids the greenhouse effect, climate change and global warming
  • It helps to preserve the environment

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